How To Write A Haiku

Hi, that’s my first post just to explain how I write haiku and the general rules you should stick to while creating Haiku poems.

Blossom Cherry

It’s just a start up post, I will try to explain every step more thoroughly in latter posts, with examples of famous artists.

So, without further ado:

1. While writing haiku, always try to show a new point of view on a simple experience. Something that you don’t usually think about regarding this particular task/item/feeling.

More About Step 1

2. Don’t worry about any other text you read about writing Haiku, especially if it was referring to traditional Japanese ways, rules on writing Haiku Poems are only a spine of the process, you create the body.

More about step 2

3. Haiku Poems refer to simple elements of life, daily rutine situations, the usual things in life.

More about step 3

4. In Haiku there’s…

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