December 2004

Introduction to WHCpoetrybridge

The purpose of poetrybridge is to make a union of two differing but complementary literary traditions possible. With this aim in view, poets skilled in both Eastern and Western verse forms engage in constructive and enlightening debate; share poetry; marvel at each other’s facility with language and forms; perhaps even open the way for poets, in a spirit of humility and friendship, to experiment awhile in a very different style of writing. What is envisaged, perhaps above all else, is a community of artists from whose love of writing a real conjoining of East and West (contrary to Kipling) can be achieved.

Bridging the continents,

Karina Klesko

Short verses – Triolet

The Triolet is an eight-line poem, with two rhymes and two repeating lines. The opening line occurs three times in this form. The first line is repeated as the fourth and seventh lines; the…

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