December 2004

Free Verse

Introduction by Conrad DiDiodato

Free verse (from the French vers libre) is really a hybrid of two very different language forms, placed very elegantly somewhere between them: prose and the more traditional tightly-knit poetic structures of, say, elegy, lyric, sonnet and so on. Like prose, free verse enjoys the freedom of unfettered expression, without having to concern itself with obvious rhyme schemes, meter and forms; but unlike prose, and closer to traditional verse, free verse lines are shorter and do, when examined carefully, reveal rhythms peculiar to themselves. Its oftentimes lyrical treatment of themes, and even its own special page formatting, give it a sort of traditional verse feel. Consequently, a free verse poem may have both the look and feel of more traditional poetry but may dare, nonetheless, to strike out forcefully on its own, disclosing its own richesse de langue.

Conrad DiDiodato

pyramids in…

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